Please complete the form below in order to apply for positions on Iranian Student Group Board for upcoming academic year (2019-2020) by May 2nd at 11:59pm.

*Position descriptions are provided at the end of this page.


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Position Descriptions

Financial Affairs Chair

  • Monthly reports on expenditure & costs

  • Quarterly reports on estimated costs for events and ways to get funding

  • Making sure to meet the deadlines for submitting the funding applications

  • Making sure the proposals match with estimated costs

Social Affairs Chair

  • Planning of various other smaller social events throughout the year

Recruitment and Communications Chair

  • Introducing ISG to new Iranians with help of other board members by going to different events such as PCH, PSCO, PSAC, Farsi Classes, Farsi Seminars, etc.

  • Gathering agendas and minutes for each meeting. Making sure we’re on top of schedule, keeping track of dates and deadlines.

Publicity & Graphic Design Chair

  • Writing the proposals for funding

  • Sending out various different informative emails to the general ISG population on time and promptly

  • Designing Graphics and Banners for different events

  • Creating Facebook events for publicity & monitoring Instagram page

Professional and Academic Outreach Chair

  • Seek educational events to cosponsor or publicize like Educational Panel/Speech, Workshops, Networking Mixers, etc.

Philanthropy Chair

  • Communicating with different charities and non-profits for volunteer assistance

  • Organizing events for general body of ISG to volunteer at

Cultural Advisor

  • Responsible for talent search and organization for the events like Culture Show, Shabe Yalda, Nowrooz, etc. throughout the year